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Dr. Medley Visits

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sylvia R. Medley to our practice on January 5, 2016. To read Dr. Medley’s bio, click here. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Flu Vaccine

Annual Flu Vaccine is a valuable step in protecting your health.  This year we recommend that patients go to their local pharmacy for the annual flu vaccine.

We’re excited to start using Everseat to connect you quickly to available appointments.

This free mobile app lets you search for and book appointments easily. We make the slot available on Everseat. You “grab it”- and you’re in! 


To start using Everseat:
1. Visit the App Store or Google Play to
download the Everseat app to your iPhone or

2. Search for our office and favorite your location
and provider by clicking the star icon.

3. Next time you need an appointment, turn “need
it” on and be alerted when we have an open seat.

4. “Grab it” if that appointment
works for you!

Everseat’s instant updates eliminate the need for you to call us about open appointments, so you can book the appointment that works for you when you need it. Visit Everseat on Facebook to learn more.

We look forward to serving you better with Everseat.

Patient Portal

Our office has been providing patients with their records at the time of service since 1982. However, in order to comply with HIPAA and Meaningful Use standards and to facilitate communication with our patients, we now have a patient portal for our patients to enroll in and use. Our staff will provide you with the necessary activation user ID and temporary password to create your account.

Messages to Dr. Ang must be sent through the portal. Please activate your portal. Should you have any questions regarding your records, test results, and orders, please message Dr. Ang through the portal and he will answer your question.

Read our post on the things you can do in the portal. Read More

Get Smart About Antibiotic Use

The Centers for Disease Control urges physicians and patients alike to understand when an antibiotic is a useful tool and when it is not.  Evidence based steps to identify when an antibiotic is useful and when it is not is the best approach to avoid antibiotic resistance.

This means an office visit when you believe an antibiotic is needed.  At the time of service we can perform a Complete Blood Cell count – this may indicate whether you have a bacterial infection, a viral infection, or an allergy.  For upper respiratory illnesses, a strep test can indicate if you may have a strep infection that may be treated with an antibiotic.  For a suspected Urinary Tract Infection a standard urinalysis may provide evidence as to the probability of an infection or a different problem.

To this end, we will not provide antibiotics without an office visit.